Monday, August 24, 2009

Studio Tour Susan Koch Bridgford

Name: Susan Koch Bridgford

Name of studio/business/art pseudonym: Mama's in the Laundryroom Press

Website/blog: are you kidding?

Describe your studio/work area: old letterpress type, 5x7 Kelsey platen press, small proof press and book press, primitive paper-making stuff in the back of the laundryroom (where I seem to spend most of my waking hours at home)

Do you have a day job? Yes. I manage a 120-year-old family printing business (with lots more letterpress and bindery equipment)

How did you get started in the book world?  I was a printers' devil for the above business as a kid -- and it got in my blood.

What inspires you? reading and appreciating physical books 

What is your favorite technique? letterpress printing and typography

What is one tool you couldn't live without? type guage


What is the most challenging part of what you do? finding time 

What is the most rewarding? creating an attractive, readable design in any medium

Where do you show/share your work? with PBC members and public at our edible book teas 

What drives you to work creatively in PBC? it's an outlet for my passions to write and print my own words 

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