Monday, August 10, 2009

Studio Tour Peggy Johnston

Name of studio/business/art pseudonym:Waveland Studio




Describe your studio/work area:Gradually taking over the house.  Two front bedrooms, the attic and part of the basement


Do you have a day job? Working in my studio


How did you get started in the book world? I took a little class at the Des Moines Art Center and was hooked, although books and containers have always fascinated me.  I study with some of the top book binders and book artists in the country every chance I get.


What inspires you? Usually, it is the materials themselves, but sometimes, it goes the other way.


What is your favorite technique? I don't have one.  I love them all.


What is one tool you couldn't live without? Hard to say. My big book press.


What is the most challenging part of what you do? Solving engineering problems to make my pieces work properly.


What is the most rewarding? When the problem solving works.


Where do you show/share your work? On my website, and in my teaching, and in shows and exhibitions.


What drives you to work creatively in PBC? The challenge of pulling all our ideas, creativity, and knowledge into a final product.

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