Monday, September 14, 2009

Studio Tour Sarah McCoy

Name:  Sarah McCoy

Name of studio/business/art pseudonym: The Permanent Collection-
letterpress cards, broadsides, design and printing


Describe your studio/work area: a studio in my basement. I have a
press, woodtype, metal type, lots of ink, a flat file, drying rack and
helpful husband.

Do you have a day job? professor of Graphic Design at Drake University

How did you get started in the book world? I took undergraduate
courses in book arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book.
When I went back to school for my MFA in Graphic Design I also
enrolled as a University of Iowa Center for the Book Student for my
graduate certificate which I received in 2006, my concentration was

What inspires you? Book artists such as Johanna Drucker, Walter
, Spring Tide Press, and many fine press printers, Dada and
Futurist books, travel, too many to list…

What is your favorite technique? Letterpress

What is one tool you couldn't live without? My Vandercook SP-15 Press

What is the most challenging part of what you do? Registration and
proper inking and finding time amid my husband, daughter and
professional day job.

What is the most rewarding? seeing people buy my cards and work on
display in exhibitions.

Where do you show/share your work? I sell my cards at various local
and national stores as well as exhibit work at The ALL Gallery in New
Haven, CT, 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR, Minneapolis and various
other galleries nationally and internationally. My artist books are in
several University Special Collections and the Library of Congress.

What drives you to work creatively in PBC? the local connection with
area artists and working together for a common goal.

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