Monday, September 7, 2009

Studio Tour Eduardo Garcia

Name: Eduardo García

Name of studio/business/art pseudonym: Booklore

Describe your studio/work area: A cozy and sometimes messy corner of my home basement.

Do you have a day job? I am an Assistant Professor of Spanish

How did you get started in the book world? As a volunteer in the periodical room of my public library

What inspires you? Dreams and nature

What is your favorite technique? Coptic binding

What is one tool you couldn't live without? paper cutters

What is the most challenging part of what you do? staying focused on a single project

What is the most rewarding? selling my books

Where do you show/share your work? Octagon Center for the Arts (Ames, Iowa, USA); Librería La Central del Raval (Barcelona, Spain)

What drives you to work creatively in PBC? My interest in working collaboratively

Any other comments? We deserve to have a Center for the Book Arts in Des Moines, Iowa

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