Monday, April 12, 2010

Linoleum and Woodcut Printing

Donna Yeast & Sue Slater's Presentation and Demonstration
Linoleum and Woodcut Printing
Thursday, April 8, 2010
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Reading Room Cowles Library
Drake University; Des Moines, Iowa, USA

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  1. From: Deb Anders-Bond
    Date: April 10, 2010

    I wanted to tell Sue and Donna several things but didn't want to appear as a know-it-all, so thought you might forward this info to them.

    At Iowa State University in the printmaking studio, we clean up only with salad oil. Each student brings a large bottle at the beginning of the semester and it is all stored communally on one shelf. Our teacher is very concerned about toxic chemicals and insists that we clean up this way, which works quite well. After the oil cuts all the ink and we wipe up with the el cheapo paper towels, we then clean the glass, palatte knives, etc., with a product called Simple Green, which the University buys in bulk. That cuts through the salad oil. After the Simple Green, things can be cleaned with clear water.

    Lino: Our print club buys "Golden-Cut Linoleum" by the roll from Dick Blick. I am not a carver myself, but the students really seem to like this stuff. I've never heard them complain that it's too hard, no do they have to warm it up. It can be cut to any size you want so you're not exactly limited to buying a flat piece of a certain dimension. Dick Blick also sells it by the sheet in various dimensions.

    Of course it's not buying locally from The Art Store, and I do believe it's important to support a local business.